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The Gerlag-Group represents a platform showcasing all of the Gerlag companies & brands across multiple industries. Each service represented is provided by dedicated teams with experience & expertise.

Reputation for quality

Passion for excellence

Since 1956

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Repairs - Maintenance - Redesign - Painting

Slate, Tile, Iron & Flat Roofs

With over 66 years of experience spanning over 3 generations in the family, we don't follow the every trend in the industry because we have developed our own unique & proven methods for many common roofing issues. 

We are able to provide unique, tailor-made & bespoke solutions to our customers.

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Born from the established & trusted company of D. Gerlag & Sons. Gerlag-Artisans expands the service offerings with its own unique brand identity & portfolio of expertise, whilst maintaining the fundamental values & principles that DGS was founded upon.

Upholding a passion for excellence, providing quality workmanship & innovative solutions will always be the foundation of our work.

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Reputable Companies/Brands/Individuals


The Gerlag-Group Trusted Partners programme operates under the principle of mutually assured quality.


This platform has been structured such that each brand is free to showcase itself on this platform provided the quality of service is of an extremely high standard.


These Trusted Partners represent third-party companies/brands/individuals spanning a range of expertise & services across multiple industries each specialising in their own specific services. These are companies/brands/individuals that we have grown to trust & rely on for their products, services, expertise & quality workmanship.


None of the Trusted Partners are sponsored by the Gerlag-Group or by each other nor do they sponsor the Gerlag-Group or any brand thereof in any way.

Each Gerlag-Group Trusted Partner is completely independent of one another & of the Gerlag-Group.

Each is its own entity & operates under its own full autonomy without any influence from any other partner or from the Gerlag-Group itself.

There are no direct associations between any of the entities outside of being showcased as a Trusted Partner.

The Trusted Partners programme is solely intended to showcase other reputable companies/brands/individuals that the Gerlag-Group would recommend.

If you feel any Gerlag-Group brand or Trusted Partner is not living up the the standard of quality that you expected please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


The Gerlag-Group reserves the right to add or remove any Trusted Partner at any time without prior notice according to our own discretion.